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Welcome to PIC, Sikkim

The Patent Information Centre (PIC), Sikkim State Council of Science & Technology (SSCS&T) is established in the year 2001, supported and funded by Department of Science & Technology (DST), Govt. of India, New Delhi. SSCS&T is the Nodal Agency of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in the state vide Notification No. 15/DST/2013 Dated 20/03/2013. PIC is the wing dealing with all IPR activities of SSCS&T. PIC, SSCS&T is working for the promotion and streamline of the Intellectual Properties (IP) in the state through different legal, scientific and technical instruments of IPR. The main objective of the centre is to create awareness about Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) because IPR is one of important topic globally.


I. To create awareness among the people on Intellectual Property Rights    (IPRs) and importance  of Intellectual Property protection.
II. Identification of potential Intellectual Property (IP) in Sikkim and guide the owners of IP to opt for IP protection.
III. To make the people of the state aware of how IP protection can be used as a tool to harness commercial benefits.
IV. To facilitate technical and legal assistance for filing of various types of IPR (Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Protection of Plant Variety and Farmerís Rights, Geographical Indications, etc.).
V. To sensitize the local community of the state regarding bio-piracy of Traditional Knowledge (TK).
VI. To provide information regarding query on IPRs.

Future Activities

I. Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) workshop to be carried out in 6 colleges and 2 schools.
II. IPR seminar at BAC level.
III. Radio talk on IPR.
VI. Publications- IPR articles/brochures /palm plates/generally asked questions in vernacular language (Nepali)/ PIC newsletter.
V. Patent filing and facilitation.
VI. Geographical Indication (GI) filing and facilitation.
VII. Logo registration and technical assistance.
VIII.Copyright filing and facilitation.
XI. Protection of Plant Variety & Farmer's Rights (PPV&FR) filing and facilitation.
X. Trade Mark (TM) registration and facilication, etc.

Patent Information Centre (PIC), SSCS&T, Vigyan Bhawan,Deorali, Gangtok,East Sikkim.